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Adobe XD is a vector based design tool developed for UI/UX design by Adobe. One of the leading programs used for User Experience (UX) design, it took the industry by storm with its seamless design to prototyping capability. In this course we will work from the ground up, going through the interface of Adobe XD and each tool to ensure you learn the program and get comfortable using it.


Create animations between elements across artboards to add microinteractions and motion to your designs.


Work together with team members in the same document in real time — no more duplicating efforts or merging changes.


Create design elements to reuse throughout your designs or across multiple documents from a design system.

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  • Interface is very clean
  • Filling UI with content is very simple
  • Repeat Grid feature is amazing
  • Prototyping is amazing
  • Resizing Text works similar to Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Repeating objects doesn't work as you expect it
  • Animating UI is difficult compared to Sketch

Design amazing experiences.

Go from basic wireframes to beautiful designs in no time. Define the look of your user interfaces with vector drawing tools, colors, character styles, grids, guides, and more. XD delivers dozens of powerful features to help teams design, prototype, share, and collaborate on rich user experiences. Our product roadmap is shaped by input from our community, and new features and enhancements are released every month.

Deepening interaction and prototyping capabilities

From the very beginning, we built XD to be an all-in-one platform for both designing and prototyping user experiences. Our goal was to help design teams focus on creating and delivering incredible experiences, instead of having to worry about keeping design files in sync across multiple design tools. In addition to several updates we’ve made to our design functionality throughout the year, we’re excited to share a major update to our interaction and prototyping capabilities.

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