29 Aug 2023
Creating Awesome Designs with Figma A Simple Guide


Hey there! In the world of computer art, making cool and user-friendly designs is super important. It’s not just about how things look – it’s also about how easy they are to use. One really great tool that helps people make these designs is called Figma. In this blog post, we’ll explore what Figma is all about, why it’s so good, and how it helps people like you make amazing designs.

Why Figma?

Imagine working on a group project where everyone needs to draw something together. Figma is like a magic drawing board that lets many people draw together at the same time. It’s not like old drawing programs where you send files back and forth. Figma lets everyone work together right away. This is really handy, especially if you’re working with friends from far away.

Cool Things You Can Do with Figma

Draw Together:
Figma’s magic drawing board lets you and your friends draw stuff together. You can see what others are doing in real time. This is great for sharing ideas and making things look nice.

Make Things Move:

Sometimes, you want to show how a website or app will work before it’s even built. Figma helps you make things that move, so you can see how people will use your design.

Use the Same Stuff Again:

Imagine you’re building a house with LEGO blocks. Figma lets you make your own special LEGO pieces, and if you change one, all the others change automatically. This saves lots of time and makes your design look the same everywhere.

Make Designs for All Sizes:

All devicces With Website

Figma can change your design to fit on big screens, small screens, and everything in between. This way, your design looks good on phones, tablets, and computers.

Get Extra Tools:

Figma comes with extra tools that make it even better. It’s like having a helper that checks if your design is easy for everyone to use. There are also cool pictures you can use to make your design more interesting.

Go Back in Time:

Sometimes, you might want to go back to an older version of your design. Figma remembers all the changes you make, so you can go back and fix things if you need to.

Steps for Using Figma

Draw the Basics:

Start by drawing the simple parts of your design. Figma is easy to use, so you can draw shapes and lines just like you would on paper.

Make it Look Nice:

Make it Look Nice

Use Figma’s special tools to make your design look great. Choose nice colors, write words in a cool way, and leave space between things.

Show How it Works:

Use Figma to make things move from one screen to another. This helps you see how your design will feel when people use it.

Work Together:

Invite friends to help you with your design. They can give you ideas and make the design even better.

Tell Others How to Build It:

Once your design is ready, Figma helps you tell people who build the real thing how to do it. This makes sure your design looks just like you imagined.


Figma is like a special drawing tool that helps you and your friends create awesome designs together. It’s super easy to use and makes your designs look great on all kinds of screens. Remember, you can always visit akdezigns.com to learn more about making cool designs. If you need help, you can also call us at +91 81407 33923. Have fun designing!